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Sudan Independent Film Festival

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Today is the final day of the Sudan Independent Film Festival, which has been taking place in Khartoum for the past week. Getting positive coverage on Arabic news stations as well as among Sudanese bloggers, it seems to have been a great success, and I’m completely bummed that I’m not there to attend.

A variety of young Sudanese directors were able to display their films alongside directors based in Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, and the US (these are the trailers for some of the international films screened–many of the Sudanese directors did not have trailers for their films).

This sort of event is important for several reasons. On one hand, it’s a great venue for Sudanese young people to get out and see interesting cinema coming from Sudan and neighboring countries. More often than not, young people watch movies on television, and those are mostly American, Egyptian, and Indian movies that appeal to mass audiences. Venues where one can see films meant to be more challenging are MUCH harder to find.

Just as important, it’s a great way for Sudanese directors to show their creations in Sudan, rather than gearing their work to exclusively to outside audiences. Young people in Sudan should get to see what’s being created in their own country, something that doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should.

Tonight’s final screening is Hussein Sharif’s “The Dislocation of Amber,” a short film that you can watch below. If you’re in Khartoum, go tonight to close out the festival!



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