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More Displaced in Darfur

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A few days ago, I came across this article that noted:

“The total number of internally displaced people has increased to almost two million, with an estimated 400,000 people having been forced to flee new outbreaks of conflict last year”

On one hand, this should not come as a massive surprise, and it speaks to the failures of the Doha Peace Agreement. Not only was the agreement only signed by two (relatively small) rebel groups, but implementation has been quite slow, with problems reported regularly. Of course, war was not the only conflict that affected Darfur in the past year—conflict related to newly created gold mines and intertribal violence have also played made life difficult for residents of Darfur.

Things have changed; two years ago, the narrative adhered to by government bodies and the UN was that Darfur was increasingly stable and that refugees and IDPs were returning home. That was controversial even then, but if anything, this should be a lesson. Before anyone should be sent home, the root problems of these conflicts needs to be addressed. How many of those who returned have had to leave again?


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